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Social proof, validation, self-promotion, advertising, lead generation, social networking or brand awareness - just a few reasons why businesses now look to strong and effective social media management as part of their marketing strategy.  

Pollen8 Digital Media are a social media management provider which operates across the United Kingdom, creating stand-out, written, visual and video content and social media campaigns from our pemises in Burton-on-Trent and Derby.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Derby and Burton-on-Trent

Social media is not just about the likes, shares and retweets. It's much more than that.

For businesses, social media is about creating an impact. Although it's much more than that too.

Your social media campaigns can influence an audience, support the visibility of your products or service, help build your brand, provide social proof or validation to your clients and more importantly, generate leads. 

We are a marketing agency which help businesses deliver social media campaigns to get noticed, supporting start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Our social media management packages will get your organisation seen, as well as helping you see opportunities and find business leads.

Account Management

Audience Building





Lead Generation


We're not just a social media marketing agency. Our social media expertise extends to training our clients and improving their LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram skills, as well as content creation or social media strategy. We do all this either remotely or from our offices near Burton-on-Trent and Derby.

We do the things that your audience will see - creating content, blogs, images, video, GIFs and memes - and then we do all the things in the background - strategy, optimising content for better SEO, audience building, analytics and lead generation.

Although our social media skills are comprehensive, we appreciate social media management may not be for all businesses.

Think you might be better suited to social media training? Want to do it all in-house, but need help getting started? Speak to us if you'd like to know more.

Find out how Pollen8 Social can help your business build a strong social media presence

Account Management

Pollen8 Social provide social media account management for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.

1 social media channel

from £150 pcm

2 social media channels

from £250 pcm

3 social media channels

from £300 pcm

In addition to our social media account management packages, Pollen8 Social also offer lead generation, blogging and training.

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